Lindsay & Alex I Downtown Philadelphia wedding
December 15, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Philly LOVE Light and life. These are the basic ingredients of great wedding photos. And this wedding just may have led the pack with life this year. Nothing makes our job easier than a smiling bride. Lindsay and Alex basically smiled the whole day during their Philadelphia wedding. Their collective enthusiasm left us to our zen fly-on-the-wall picture-making happy place. My favorite place. Enjoy!  

Genee & Ryan I Falls Church wedding
November 18, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

SURPRISE! OK. Where to begin. Imagine a love triangle between a wedding, an engagement party, and a surprise party. Long story short, guests thought they were attending a surprise engagement party for bride Genee, hosted by groom Ryan. But B&G were in on the whole thing together, surprising guests with a "lets-do-this" style wedding. Even the readers didn't know they'd be participating in the ceremony until they reached their seats. The ceremony was one of the most touching we have witnessed - punctuated by the bride and groom reading vows to Ryan's nine-year-old son. Yes, we both cried. It was awesome. The warmth carried over into the bbq (yeah-uh) picnic reception at Cherry Hill Park in Falls Church. Congrats to this amazing pair - it was an honor to be included!  :) 

Katie & Nelson I Old Town Alexandria wedding
October 15, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Monday Monday We don't often think love, beauty and joy when we think of rainy DC Mondays. Well, this was just about one of the most gorgeous Mondays I can remember in nearly twelve years in the city. Katie and Nelson were inseparable from the start of the day - helping each other get ready for their DC War Memorial vows. After an intimate ceremony, the group headed to Old Town for a cozy dinner at Virtue Feed and Grain. On cue, sunlight peeked through and colored the sky with pinks, oranges, and a mighty strong rainbow. Congrats Katie & Nelson! 

Ariana & Elliott I National Museum of Women in the Arts
September 13, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

To Winter Weddings ... I love winter weddings. They are the perfect counterpart to the buzz, heat, and hustle of the summer season. The city is quiet, patios closed, leaves swept. Winter weddings highlight the beauty of the monochromatic landscape. They are cozy. And best of all: wedding outwear - I love seeing how brides accessorize with cardigans and coats. So shooting Ariana and Elliott's January wedding was quite a treat. And though the backdrop was gray, there was much color - from pink lipstick, to red helicopters, to vibrant feathered masks. Enjoy! 

Julia & Nick I Longview Gallery Wedding
September 06, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

The Long View Julia and Nick's Longview Gallery wedding in DC was a true stunner. From the bride's exquisite dress (with probably the most gorgeous lace back we've ever seen), to the show-stopping floral and lighting design which played center stage to ceremony and reception, this wedding set the bar for class and design. We enjoyed working again with the always-creative Aimee Dominick of A. Dominick Events, listening to a guitar serenade by the groom, and strolling through the iconic Lafayette Square with the wedding party. Congrats Nick and Julia! 

emily & daniel I NMWA wedding
September 01, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Fare in Love Joe and I loved working with Emily and Daniel to capture their classic D.C. wedding. We started out by taking a ride over to the Lincoln Memorial (in a cab without a working credit card machine - very quintessential D.C.) and then made our way to one of the city's finest venues, The National Museum for Women in the Arts. We were honored to work with this smart and affable duo, as well as Sara Bauleke and the team at Bella Notte - congrats! 

Russia 2016
April 11, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Москва й Саинт Петерсбург   Here is something a little different for our HC audience today - a peek at our recent trip to Russia - because why WOULDN'T you travel to Russia in the Winter? To be fair though, we were there for the first day of Spring. To be unfair, the temperature hung in the 20's for most of our trip. But we walked to keep warm, had some of the best food of our lives, and got to see family - Enjoy!Moscow MetroMy sister, Julie, in Red Square.Not-my-sister in Red Square.Fellow touristsBallet night at The Kremlin. Swan Lake.More metro ... Julie on the escalator.Ismaylovo Market outside Moscow.Hot eats on a cold dayWe had the greatest time photographing the people. I love looking at new places and the faces who live there.  We are both introverts, but managed to strike up a few conversations too...Flower market. Julie had to create table centerpieces for a US Embassy visit from The Secretary. Schamcy stuff.You are now entering St. Petersburg!There I am at what may be our favorite St. Pete restaurant - Gosti (meaning "guests")Scenes from The Hermitage Museum and The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood.Eugene ("Genia"). Artist.St. Pete streetsSelfies at St Isaac's Cathedral! One of our favorite stops. The catherdral gave us a 360-view of the city.Housework! You need a pretty long cord to vacuum The Hermitage.

becca & greg I strong mansion
April 06, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Crazy Silly Love Becca & Greg were such a joy to photograph - they brought an ease to their wedding - let's coin a new phrase: "chill elegance". That was Becca and Greg. They were cool but silly, traditional yet original. And they were cracking us up for a good deal of the day. Seriously, how often do you see a bride try to slide down the banister? And the little things, like Becca's shoes, Greg's socks, and hand-written 'Thank You' cards to each of their guests - so very thoughtful - all against the beautiful backdrop of Strong Mansion.  

sarah & andy I anderson house
January 24, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Getting Warmer ... The sun was out at Sarah and Andy's wedding. And that is about all it has in common with this freezing post-blizzard day. As we sit in our house during this frigid January morning, let's think of some warm, happy thoughts! Sarah & Andy's Anderson House wedding conjures such thoughts quite easily, with its beautiful autumn ceremony. The saturated Fall colors were both inside and out, though, with impeccable details that were simultaneously sophisticated and fun! 

chrissy & keith I bohemia manor house
January 04, 2016
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Love on the fly Boy do we love to work with the truly adventurous. Chrissy & Keith definitely fall into this category for us, because rain or shine, they wanted to have fun! And make cool photos. So, we did. Step into a cornfield shortly after some rain blew through? No problem! Run down to the water to take advantage of an truly gorgeous - and unexpected - sunset? Done! So as we post this at the start of 2016, here's to the NEXT great adventure! Congrats to Chrissy & Keith, a couple of the most genuine folks we met in 2015. 

katy & tom I hendry house wedding
November 30, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

We Want the Lion! If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that we Penn State alumni know how to throw a party. Bride Katy had to up the ante, though, by surprising her husband Tom with a surprise visit from the Nittany Lion, which is practically unheard of. I thought that some heads were going to explode - mine included - when he started crowd-surfing during the reception. Totally amazing moment! Katy & Tom picked the perfect location to celebrate their day, atop the rolling hills of the Hendry House in Arlington. Congrats guys! We Are!  

chrissy & kristy I glen echo park wedding
November 02, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Glen Echo gals What says love more than a good brew? Chrissy & Kristy love beer, so they took two of their favorites (Guinness and Yuengling, which just so happen to be OUR two favorite beers, too) and ceremoniously combined them to make a black and tan after some heartfelt vows. This elicited some serious cheers from their guests - and their photographers. These are two of the sweetest people, who happened to get married at one of the coolest venues in DC (Glen Echo Park). Congrats to a great pair!  :) 

jackie & cliff I sequoia wedding
September 05, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Summer Love As we say goodbye to the warm summer heat - we hope - let's revist a wedding we photographed to START the summer. Jackie & Cliff's wedding day was memorable from start to finish, with clear skies and warm temps, as we wandered through several of DC's iconic areas. From Union Station, to Senate Hill Park, to Georgetown's Sequoia Restaurant, we scooted all over the place in spite of the building traffic. Jackie is a journalist, so we were a great match from the start - cut from the same cloth. But this day she effortlessly transformed from storyteller to story subject. Thanks guys for including us - Congrats! 

rebecca & doug I calvert house wedding
July 13, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

At Ease We had the pleasure of heading to the Naval Academy in Annapolis recently for Rebecca & Doug's big day. One of the highlights of being part of a wedding is meeting so many different couples, all with stories to tell. Different traditions, different ways to celebrate couple-dom, and on a smaller scale, different wedding-day details. Case in point - Katye took SO VERY many pictures of Rebecca's show-stopping aubergine head piece. Honestly, I never even heard of such a thing before that day. We both LOVE wedding details we've never seen before. This happy couple tied the knot at St. Mary's and then partied at The Calvert House, with plenty of time in between to explore and take advantage of the Academy grounds and historic downtown area. We've been to Annapolis many times before, and always manage to see something new. Congrats to Rebecca & Doug! 

erinn & andrew I riverside on the potomac wedding
June 23, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Heart Land Katye & I are geographically challenged. We love the country - even better if there's an unpaved road to get there. But life has us inside the beltway. So when we leave the DC suburbs for a more bucolic landscape, armed with cameras, it's going to be a good day. We found ourselves at such a landscape at Riverside on the Potomac in Loudon County recently with said cameras. And got to play shadow to a truly amazing couple - each with contagious personalities and a list of accomplishments a mile long. Big-time impressed with Erinn & Andrew - congrats guys! 

amanda & jon I the nittany lion inn wedding
May 28, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

They Are... I've known Amanda's family, well, since I was born. If that wasn't enough to help make this a great shoot, she and Jon are part of the Penn State family, having attended and graduated from my alma mater. We're all HUGE Penn State fans, and upon hearing that this wonderful couple was planning on tying the knot on campus, I couldn't help but smile. Amanda & Jon's ceremony took place at the Arboretum at Penn State, which didn't even exist when I was there (am I really that old?). Then it was off to the historic Nittany Lion Inn for one hell of a party, where Katye & I worked, and danced, with a whole lot of Penn State fans. Congrats guys...We Are!!! 

corey & will I potomac river wedding
May 11, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Love Boat We had the great pleasure of working with Corey & Will at their DC rehearsal and wedding. It's pretty rare to photogaph a wedding AND be greeted by a glorious sunset, but for this amazingly sweet couple, it happened not once, but twice! I'm not gonna lie: I do become a bit of a goofball when I see a really nice sky. Thankfully, they humored me as I giddily shot frame after frame. We were even able to capture the sun setting while on the Potomac, on the Capital Elite yacht. I'll never forget how those gathered - myself included - couldn't stop starting at the marvelous, warm colors. Congrats to Corey & Will!   :-) 

julia & kevin I chanteclaire farm
March 10, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Over the river and through the woods... More often than not, Katye & I end up working in the DC vicinity. From time to time, though, we get to travel farther afield, and given that we're always game for an adventure, heading out to the very western edge of Maryland - Friendsville, to be exact - is always a delight. Julia & Kevin invited us to document their day at the cozy and quaint Chanteclaire Farm, and between the venue's bucolic charm, and two great families, we're looking forward to our summer weddings this year. Long summer days, here we come!   

lisa & matt I carnegie institute
February 17, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

A Carnegie Classic... Photographing the Carnegie Institution for Science in DC is always a treat for us, with beautiful natural light and a two-story rotunda. Having worked there several times in the past, it's great to see how couples approach the space - there's just so much you can do! Lisa & Matt used the rotunda creatively - with a simple, elegant suspended lace chuppah - love seeing new ideas from our couples! The bride also had a special first look with her dad - something else we'd never seen, but what a great idea to take advantage of a such a special moment. Congrats to this sweet pair, and thanks to their friends, family and A Sweet Soiree Events for a warm, welcoming day. :) 

Baby K
February 01, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

New Boy Our favorite days were those few following the births of our two boys. Time stands still. The world slows down, and nothing matters. Every movement and sound is the most amazing movement or sound to ever happen anywhere ever. This all falls apart by the end of the first week of course. But I love being around new parents in those first couple days. I take it with me, and slow my pace. Welcome to our first nephew, Jake Dean, 1/29/15. 

terri & drew I keswick vineyards
January 12, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Barrel o' Love I have a thing for cars ... primarily those of the modern variety ... but I have a huge amount of appreciation for the classics. When I saw a shiny red Buick hanging out in the driveway of Keswick Vineyards, I knew the day was going to be a good one. And while we had wonderful natural light to take advantage of outside, I have to commend Terri & Drew for taking a risk and heading to the dark barrel room, where I brought my own light to bring this very cool backdrop to life. Congrats to this illuminating couple! 

emily & josh I antrim 1844 wedding
January 05, 2015
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

1,844 Moments Our first post of the New Year takes us to Emily & Josh's wedding at a venue that's been around for quite a while - since 1844, in fact. Antrim 1844 is the perfect garden venue for not only celebrating the past - it's listed in the National Register of Historic Places - but also the future of this truly sweet couple, Emily & Josh, who we will talk about well into 2015. Their energy was contagious! It also makes us excited for Spring! Can we talk about Spring yet? The contrasting old and new themes were prevalent throughout the day, with gorgeous, colorful decor aplenty.  

round tree park Falls Church, Virginia family session
December 02, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

"Life is d' Bubbles..." As anyone with kids knows, there's just something about bubbles ... Fortunately, bubbles ... er ...bundles of joy were everywhere during a recent family session at Roundtree Park in Falls Church. We were fortunate enough to work with Megan and her growing family - three generations together for a brief holiday weekend - as she and her siblings celebrated their mother's 60th birthday with a photo shoot and bubble fest. 

erica & brad I national museum of women in the arts
October 09, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Pretty in Pink I can say this about Erica & Brad's wedding day - there truly was a little bit of everything. One minute it was raining, and shortly thereafter, we were showered in beautiful sunshine. Love a bride who embraces what the day brings - even raindrops. We saw rockin' pink galoshes, rode a carousel, and photographed some incredible details (what dude out there DOESN'T want Batman cufflinks?). And hats off to the bridesmaids "with child" who stormed Capitol Hill with Erica and Brad for portraits - you ladies rock :) 

stephanie & david I woodend sanctuary wedding
August 20, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

En Français When I was in grade school, I studied French. I even furthered my language education in college. However, whenever I'm around French folks (including groom David, and most of his friends and family), I realize how completely ill-equipped I am. Luckily, I didn't need to be fluent in the lanquage to know that there was a serious amount of love and joy in the air on Stephanie & David's wedding day. Wedding vows were read in French and English, as were some of the toasts. And if rain is good luck on a wedding day, then these two are SET. We saw first hand how the Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase is just as pretty wet as it is dry. The ceremony was warm and cozy with and having moved inside, it had a impromptu quality that made us smile. All heart. Congrats to Stephanie and David! 

shps friends
July 28, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Jersey-bound Congrats to our Sleepy Hollow Preschool friends who won a family photo shoot with us at The SHPS fundrausing auction this Spring! Our shoot with these friends and neighbors was perfectly timed. The family just put their home on the market, preparing to relocate to New Jersey. It was bittersweet capturing some final memories at the home that will always be a first home to their three kids. Happy trails, guys - we'll miss seeing you around the SHPS campus!  :) 

johanna & graham I mimslyn inn wedding
June 18, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Make It So. "Engage!" Another Jean-Luc Picard-ism. But we're kinda past that now. We're onto 'making it so' ... Johanna & Graham's Star Trek-infused day included a moment I'll truly never forget. Johanna and her dad we're about to head down the aisle. The scene was lighthearted, with joy and laughter bouncing back and forth between the two. Then came their time to walk, and as they rounded the corner, their emotions changed completely - neither could hold back the tears. That moment in time, which couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds, was absolutely precious, and it's precisely why Katye & I are so honored to document our couples' stories. As indellible as that moment was, though, there was so much more to the happy couple's story at the Mimslyn Inn, from some of the coolest bouquet's I've ever seen, to all of the fun and quirky Trekkie details that would have made Patrick Stewart proud. Enjoy some of our favs, and congrats to Johanna & Graham! 

anne & stephen I smokey glen farm
May 30, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Autumn playground There are few things better than eating good BBQ on a remarkable fall day...the smoke in the air, colorful leaves blowing about ... I'm giddy just thinking about it! This was the backdrop for Anne & Stephen's November wedding, on a day that was nothing short of magnificent. Smokey Glen Farm had their BBQ pits going for hours, filling the air with the smell of serious goodness. Clouds came and went, and the occasional gust of wind sent leaves into the air. The expansive grounds were charged with energy to say the least. The couple was all heart and easy-going. And this I love: what do you do when you forget table numbers? Bust out a marker and make them, of course! It's these details that distinguish each wedding story from the next. It's those little silly things you'll always remember. Congrats Anne & Stephen! 

vicki & geremy I temple rodef shalom wedding
May 07, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Dancing the night away... Katye & I enjoy a good party - let's be honest: who doesn't? Vicki & Geremy's wedding was so much fun to document because the energy inside Temple Rodef Shalom was absolutely contagious. The couple kicked off the reception with their first dance - A tribute to Baby and Johnny. That's right - the couple recreated the famous dance at the end of 'Dirty Dancing' - sans lift of course. The excitement was so palpable that I remember being out of breath after the Hora - seriously. And come to think of it, I'm not quite sure Geremy left the dance floor after that. It was an exhilarating evening, with great planning from Carin Lomax from Events Extraordinaire and music from Broadsound. Congrats again to the happy couple! 

jessica & mike I old south country club wedding
April 02, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Lovely in Lothian As we inch closer toward spring ... it IS coming ... and we deal with a crazy amount of unpredictable weather, it makes perfect sense to post some of our favorites from Jessica & Mike's shower-y wedding day at Old South Country Club in Lothian, MD. Mother Nature couldn't make up her mind that October afternoon, with intermittent mist, downpoars, and occasionally peaceful skies. Luckily, Old South offered us great opportunities both inside and out, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Margo of Bright Occasions, who orchestrated the day beautifully. Congrats to the happy couple!  :-)  

katherine & neil I comus inn wedding
March 09, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Inn Season Katye & I have been incredibly fortunate when working at the quaint Comus Inn. It seems as though every time we're invited to document a couple's wedding day at this venue we get front row seats to some of the most glorious sunsets you'll see. Such was the case at Katherine & Neil's wedding, where we couldn't take enough photos as the sun set behind the Sugarloaf Mountains. It was ALMOST enough to upstage one's wedding day. Almost. This couple enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather as they celebrated under the tent with friends and family. Congrats to Katherine & Neil! 

liz & josh I doukenie winery wedding
March 09, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Spicy sweet Who here is ready for spring? This guy certainly is. Given how amazingly cold it has been this winter, I think the timing is perfect to show off Liz & Josh's vibrant fall wedding. Their wedding was a two-day affair, celebrating the different heritages of the bride and groom. The first night was the Sagan and Chunni ceremony followed by day two - a traditional Jewish ceremony under the Chuppah at Doukenie Winery. The bride and groom led a parade of guests in one of the most lively processionals we've witnessed! Everything about this wedding was bold - the striking colors, traditional music, and super spicy food. Thanks to Ryan Michael Hayes of Blue Canary Special Events, the elements were brought together seamlessly. Congrats again to Liz & Josh! 

ansley & rocky I decatur house wedding
February 10, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Love with a "Capitol" L If there is a couple out there with more love for this city, we have yet to meet them. Ansley & Rocky were all stocked up on DC pride, and it was brought to life at their Decatur House wedding, just a stone's throw from The White House. The venue was perfect with its rich history and elegant styling. Out on Lafayette Square, we garnered quite a bit of attention from passersby - and we're even photo-bombed by a member of a different wedding party (see photo about half way down - how could we not include something like that?). Ansley and Rocky even reminded us of ourselves a little - Rocky was a good bit taller than his bride-to-be, while I'm exactly one foot taller than Katye. Not completely though - see, Rocky can dance, and as Katye can attest, I'm not a competent dancer. This was our first time working with the talented Emily of Karson Butler Events who made sure every detail was perfection. Congrats Rocky and Ansley!

shannon & jae I woodend sanctuary wedding
January 17, 2014
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

A FascinatorI love going to weddings and seeing something my wife loves. I occasionally chuckle to myself when I think, "I know Katye, and she would LOVE this. This is so her." At least that's what I'd like to think. Such was the case with Shannon & Jae's wedding, where the bride's tea-length dress, and inspired decor was something I knew Katye would dig. So when Katye came up to me on the wedding day and said, "I love that dress", I thought, "That's right ... Joe knows." But anyway, enough about us. Shannon & Jae were married on a gorgeous autumn afternoon at Woodend Sanctuary, a fave venue of ours. The pair participated in a Native American Water Blessing recognizing Jae's heritage, which punctuated the quiet, natural setting. The decor was so unique and personal - but also AMAZING - it kept us wondering of this DIY bride: "Whoa - she did THAT too!?" Congrats to the bride and groom - thanks for a wonderful day!

gio & josh I willowwood arboretum wedding
December 30, 2013
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Jersey Girl (and Boy)Gotta love getting outta Dodge. Gio & Josh helped us do just that, inviting us to document their wedding day up in New Jersey this Fall. Before the trip, Jersey only reminded me of I-95, or getting lost in Philly. But we were anything but lost in Jersey for this wedding which proved New Jersey IS the Garden State. The couple chose a venue that was just as charming as they were - the Willowwood Arboretum in Chester Township, which Katye likened to "a secret garden". Tucked away from city bustle, guests enjoyed the most enourmous, delicious, incredible spread of food we have encountered at a wedding. Anywhere, really. And we were more than grateful to wake up to "Wedding Pie" for breakfast the next morning. So instead of trying to describe this super-nice couple and their day, which was warm in every way - here are a few HC faves ... Congrats Gio and Josh!