corey & will I potomac river wedding
May 11, 2015

Love Boat We had the great pleasure of working with Corey & Will at their DC rehearsal and wedding. It's pretty rare to photogaph a wedding AND be greeted by a glorious sunset, but for this amazingly sweet couple, it happened not once, but twice! I'm not gonna lie: I do become a bit of a goofball when I see a really nice sky. Thankfully, they humored me as I giddily shot frame after frame. We were even able to capture the sun setting while on the Potomac, on the Capital Elite yacht. I'll never forget how those gathered - myself included - couldn't stop starting at the marvelous, warm colors. Congrats to Corey & Will!   :-) 

julia & kevin I chanteclaire farm
March 10, 2015

Over the river and through the woods... More often than not, Katye & I end up working in the DC vicinity. From time to time, though, we get to travel farther afield, and given that we're always game for an adventure, heading out to the very western edge of Maryland - Friendsville, to be exact - is always a delight. Julia & Kevin invited us to document their day at the cozy and quaint Chanteclaire Farm, and between the venue's bucolic charm, and two great families, we're looking forward to our summer weddings this year. Long summer days, here we come!   

lisa & matt I carnegie institute
February 17, 2015

A Carnegie Classic... Photographing the Carnegie Institution for Science in DC is always a treat for us, with beautiful natural light and a two-story rotunda. Having worked there several times in the past, it's great to see how couples approach the space - there's just so much you can do! Lisa & Matt used the rotunda creatively - with a simple, elegant suspended lace chuppah - love seeing new ideas from our couples! The bride also had a special first look with her dad - something else we'd never seen, but what a great idea to take advantage of a such a special moment. Congrats to this sweet pair, and thanks to their friends, family and A Sweet Soiree Events for a warm, welcoming day. :) 

Baby K
February 01, 2015

New Boy Our favorite days were those few following the births of our two boys. Time stands still. The world slows down, and nothing matters. Every movement and sound is the most amazing movement or sound to ever happen anywhere ever. This all falls apart by the end of the first week of course. But I love being around new parents in those first couple days. I take it with me, and slow my pace. Welcome to our first nephew, Jake Dean, 1/29/15. 

terri & drew I keswick vineyards
January 12, 2015

Barrel o' Love I have a thing for cars ... primarily those of the modern variety ... but I have a huge amount of appreciation for the classics. When I saw a shiny red Buick hanging out in the driveway of Keswick Vineyards, I knew the day was going to be a good one. And while we had wonderful natural light to take advantage of outside, I have to commend Terri & Drew for taking a risk and heading to the dark barrel room, where I brought my own light to bring this very cool backdrop to life. Congrats to this illuminating couple! 

emily & josh I antrim 1844 wedding
January 05, 2015

1,844 Moments Our first post of the New Year takes us to Emily & Josh's wedding at a venue that's been around for quite a while - since 1844, in fact. Antrim 1844 is the perfect garden venue for not only celebrating the past - it's listed in the National Register of Historic Places - but also the future of this truly sweet couple, Emily & Josh, who we will talk about well into 2015. Their energy was contagious! It also makes us excited for Spring! Can we talk about Spring yet? The contrasting old and new themes were prevalent throughout the day, with gorgeous, colorful decor aplenty.  

round tree park Falls Church, Virginia family session
December 02, 2014

"Life is d' Bubbles..." As anyone with kids knows, there's just something about bubbles ... Fortunately, bubbles ... er ...bundles of joy were everywhere during a recent family session at Roundtree Park in Falls Church. We were fortunate enough to work with Megan and her growing family - three generations together for a brief holiday weekend - as she and her siblings celebrated their mother's 60th birthday with a photo shoot and bubble fest. 

erica & brad I national museum of women in the arts
October 09, 2014

Pretty in Pink I can say this about Erica & Brad's wedding day - there truly was a little bit of everything. One minute it was raining, and shortly thereafter, we were showered in beautiful sunshine. Love a bride who embraces what the day brings - even raindrops. We saw rockin' pink galoshes, rode a carousel, and photographed some incredible details (what dude out there DOESN'T want Batman cufflinks?). And hats off to the bridesmaids "with child" who stormed Capitol Hill with Erica and Brad for portraits - you ladies rock :) 

stephanie & david I woodend sanctuary wedding
August 20, 2014

En Français When I was in grade school, I studied French. I even furthered my language education in college. However, whenever I'm around French folks (including groom David, and most of his friends and family), I realize how completely ill-equipped I am. Luckily, I didn't need to be fluent in the lanquage to know that there was a serious amount of love and joy in the air on Stephanie & David's wedding day. Wedding vows were read in French and English, as were some of the toasts. And if rain is good luck on a wedding day, then these two are SET. We saw first hand how the Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase is just as pretty wet as it is dry. The ceremony was warm and cozy with and having moved inside, it had a impromptu quality that made us smile. All heart. Congrats to Stephanie and David!