Russia 2016
April 11, 2016
Russia 2016

Москва й Саинт Петерсбург   Here is something a little different for our HC audience today - a peek at our recent trip to Russia - because why WOULDN'T you travel to Russia in the Winter? To be fair though, we were there for the first day of Spring. To be unfair, the temperature hung in the 20's for most of our trip. But we walked to keep warm, had some of the best food of our lives, and got to see family - Enjoy!Moscow MetroMy sister, Julie, in Red Square.Not-my-sister in Red Square.Fellow touristsBallet night at The Kremlin. Swan Lake.More metro ... Julie on the escalator.Ismaylovo Market outside Moscow.Hot eats on a cold dayWe had the greatest time photographing the people. I love looking at new places and the faces who live there.  We are both introverts, but managed to strike up a few conversations too...Flower market. Julie had to create table centerpieces for a US Embassy visit from The Secretary. Schamcy stuff.You are now entering St. Petersburg!There I am at what may be our favorite St. Pete restaurant - Gosti (meaning "guests")Scenes from The Hermitage Museum and The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood.Eugene ("Genia"). Artist.St. Pete streetsSelfies at St Isaac's Cathedral! One of our favorite stops. The catherdral gave us a 360-view of the city.Housework! You need a pretty long cord to vacuum The Hermitage.

becca & greg I strong mansion
April 06, 2016
Russia 2016

Crazy Silly Love Becca & Greg were such a joy to photograph - they brought an ease to their wedding - let's coin a new phrase: "chill elegance". That was Becca and Greg. They were cool but silly, traditional yet original. And they were cracking us up for a good deal of the day. Seriously, how often do you see a bride try to slide down the banister? And the little things, like Becca's shoes, Greg's socks, and hand-written 'Thank You' cards to each of their guests - so very thoughtful - all against the beautiful backdrop of Strong Mansion.  

sarah & andy I anderson house
January 24, 2016
Russia 2016

Getting Warmer ... The sun was out at Sarah and Andy's wedding. And that is about all it has in common with this freezing post-blizzard day. As we sit in our house during this frigid January morning, let's think of some warm, happy thoughts! Sarah & Andy's Anderson House wedding conjures such thoughts quite easily, with its beautiful autumn ceremony. The saturated Fall colors were both inside and out, though, with impeccable details that were simultaneously sophisticated and fun! 

chrissy & keith I bohemia manor house
January 04, 2016
Russia 2016

Love on the fly Boy do we love to work with the truly adventurous. Chrissy & Keith definitely fall into this category for us, because rain or shine, they wanted to have fun! And make cool photos. So, we did. Step into a cornfield shortly after some rain blew through? No problem! Run down to the water to take advantage of an truly gorgeous - and unexpected - sunset? Done! So as we post this at the start of 2016, here's to the NEXT great adventure! Congrats to Chrissy & Keith, a couple of the most genuine folks we met in 2015. 

katy & tom I hendry house wedding
November 30, 2015
Russia 2016

We Want the Lion! If there's one thing I've learned over the years, it's that we Penn State alumni know how to throw a party. Bride Katy had to up the ante, though, by surprising her husband Tom with a surprise visit from the Nittany Lion, which is practically unheard of. I thought that some heads were going to explode - mine included - when he started crowd-surfing during the reception. Totally amazing moment! Katy & Tom picked the perfect location to celebrate their day, atop the rolling hills of the Hendry House in Arlington. Congrats guys! We Are!  

chrissy & kristy I glen echo park wedding
November 02, 2015
Russia 2016

Glen Echo gals What says love more than a good brew? Chrissy & Kristy love beer, so they took two of their favorites (Guinness and Yuengling, which just so happen to be OUR two favorite beers, too) and ceremoniously combined them to make a black and tan after some heartfelt vows. This elicited some serious cheers from their guests - and their photographers. These are two of the sweetest people, who happened to get married at one of the coolest venues in DC (Glen Echo Park). Congrats to a great pair!  :) 

jackie & cliff I sequoia wedding
September 05, 2015
Russia 2016

Summer Love As we say goodbye to the warm summer heat - we hope - let's revist a wedding we photographed to START the summer. Jackie & Cliff's wedding day was memorable from start to finish, with clear skies and warm temps, as we wandered through several of DC's iconic areas. From Union Station, to Senate Hill Park, to Georgetown's Sequoia Restaurant, we scooted all over the place in spite of the building traffic. Jackie is a journalist, so we were a great match from the start - cut from the same cloth. But this day she effortlessly transformed from storyteller to story subject. Thanks guys for including us - Congrats! 

rebecca & doug I calvert house wedding
July 13, 2015
Russia 2016

At Ease We had the pleasure of heading to the Naval Academy in Annapolis recently for Rebecca & Doug's big day. One of the highlights of being part of a wedding is meeting so many different couples, all with stories to tell. Different traditions, different ways to celebrate couple-dom, and on a smaller scale, different wedding-day details. Case in point - Katye took SO VERY many pictures of Rebecca's show-stopping aubergine head piece. Honestly, I never even heard of such a thing before that day. We both LOVE wedding details we've never seen before. This happy couple tied the knot at St. Mary's and then partied at The Calvert House, with plenty of time in between to explore and take advantage of the Academy grounds and historic downtown area. We've been to Annapolis many times before, and always manage to see something new. Congrats to Rebecca & Doug! 

erinn & andrew I riverside on the potomac wedding
June 23, 2015
Russia 2016

Heart Land Katye & I are geographically challenged. We love the country - even better if there's an unpaved road to get there. But life has us inside the beltway. So when we leave the DC suburbs for a more bucolic landscape, armed with cameras, it's going to be a good day. We found ourselves at such a landscape at Riverside on the Potomac in Loudon County recently with said cameras. And got to play shadow to a truly amazing couple - each with contagious personalities and a list of accomplishments a mile long. Big-time impressed with Erinn & Andrew - congrats guys!