emily & dustin I woodend sanctuary wedding
July 02, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Love at first bite! Katye and I usually have a piece of cake at our weddings. It's our thing. We taste, we discuss. We've highlighted the importance of good cake recently, so we're happy to lead off with this photo of Emily and Dustin and their first dessert as a married couple. But first, let's rewind. This New York-based couple were married at St. Mary's Church in Rockville and continued on to Woodend Sanctuary in Chevy Chase. Woodend is the perfect place for deer watching and beer drinking alike. One minute you're cutting loose and dancing, and the next you're on a quiet stroll around the rolling grounds. Congrats to Emily and Dustin - thanks for sharing your day with us (and your cake!) 

The Big 0-4
June 20, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

The Big 0-4!  Fruit and flowers. We Google "wedding anniversary gifts" around this time each year, and on the fourth wedding anniversary, a couple "should" exchange fruit and flowers. Which is good news. Fruit and flowers are cheap. I'm thinking $30 at the farmer's market this weekend, and we're solid. This budget-friendly milestone is good news, because next year, the wedding anniversary gift should be made of wood. Like furniture. Like expensive.So you've probably guessed this is not a photo shot by me or Joe at a recent wedding. This is us, on our wedding day, June 21, 2008. It was hot. Uncomfortably so, just like today. Thanks to my former USA TODAY colleague, Sean Dougherty, for flying to California to capture the day for us. Thanks to Klaus, our baker. Our cake was amazing, and if we have any advice for brides and grooms-to-be? Cake taste. Demand excellence. If quality photos are priority one, dessert should be priority two. Happy Anniversary to us.

allie & mark
June 19, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Just Patchy ... As anyone who has driven through the town of Clifton knows, it has a serious amount of allure. From the many homes with charming facades to the old-time General Store, one can easily appreciate the rustic appeal. I photographed Allie & Mark's e-session in the small town last year, as they were all about the pastoral backdrop (we even got to induldge in the ice cream at Peterson's Ice Cream Depot - YES!), so I was eager to see what they had up their sleeves for their Briar Patch B&B wedding. Allie & Mark brought the same rustic feel with them, with everything from Mason jars to antique furniture. This strikes a chord with Katye and I ... we had Mason jars all over the place at our wedding in '08, and we often say that next time we get married, (to each other of course) it'll be at The Briar Patch. Congrats to Mark & Allie for a great party (and great taste)! 

washingtonian - nikoletta & ayan
June 15, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Congrats Nikoletta & Ayan! Washingtonian's Bridal Party Blog recently featured Nikoletta & Ayan's fabulous Four Seasons wedding! Completely awesome! Click here to see the full post.  

heather & jt I spring lake bath & tennis club wedding
June 10, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Good Old-Fashioned Fun ... Katye usually likes to come up with clever headlines for our blog posts. Usually she's pretty good at it. But when I asked what she wanted to title this post the other day, I was perplexed when she said "Good Old-Fashioned Fun". What? Where's the pun? The play on words? "I don't know. That's just how I felt about that day. It was just ... good." And it was - really good. And lots of fun. A joyful party. Plus, it's a huge compliment to us when nice folks include us in their wedding day. Even better is seeing those folks years later at the wedding of their friends. Such is the case with Sarah & Seph ('08) and Hillary & Jarad ('11) who passed The Happy Couple onto their friends, Heather & JT. It was a wonderful reunion of HC alums at St. Catherine's Church in Spring Lake, New Jersey, then onto the Bath & Tennis Club for some good old fashioned fun. Congrats to Heather & JT! 

annie & patrick I the oaks waterfront inn wedding
May 29, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Downeast vibe in Easton ... Back in the fall, I met up with Annie & Patrick in Easton, Maryland to photograph their engagement session. It was a beautiful afternoon, and we took advantage of a family boat to enjoy the sunset on the water. I was reminded of the Brier family summer adventure in Maine last year - or, Downeast, as it's often referred to up north. It was fitting, then, for the bride and groom to exchange rings on the dock at The Oaks in St. Michaels, along the Chesapeake Bay. The marry-time...errr, maritime...theme was celebrated with compass place "cards", crab and anchor cookies and the lovilest nautical paper products, designed by the bride herself. And what celebration is complete without a few bottles of champagne? (Are bottles of champagne still smashed against the bow of a ship for good luck? Hmmm...)  

andrea & josh I whitehall manor wedding
May 22, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

A stroll in the hay ... Congrats to Happy Couple Andrea & Josh, who harnessed the warmth of a sunny day - getting hitched at Whitehall Manor in Bluemont, Virginia amid a striking collection of bright yellow decor and details. We had plenty of time to explore the rustic grounds, and enjoy a blossoming spring afternoon. Oh, and on a side note, Josh definitely wins the award for 2012 Best Groom Shoes with his yellow Converse high tops. Thanks for including me in your day - Enjoy! 

airborne in east l.a.
May 20, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Airborne in East L.A. Joe and I have travel tradition. It dates back to 2005, when we drove 2,200 miles from DC to my parents home in Southern California. The tradition was born in Arches National Park, and has been repeated wherever we encouter an outstanding landscape. Our Syracuse Professor, Mark Dolan, often called certain landscapes "photos waiting to happen". Something, or someone to cross the frame - a nun, for instance. In full habit, on a bike, cruising by. Even something as simple as a dog walker can make a photo "happen". Even Joe jumping up in the air. Joe has jumped everywhere, from Kauai to Ireland to the walking path that runs through our neighborhood. He's kind of like the Brier family garden gnome.My parents recently sold my childhood home not far from Los Angeles. So it was fitting that on our last visit, we celebrated an iconic California skyline by sending in Joe for a jumping photo. I'm not sure I would have made this photo if I knew for certain when I'd be back. "Next time," I'd say, and go back to enjoying a glass of wine with my sister. I know I'll be back soon enough, but as our roots grow deeper in the East, our recent trip West has me struggling with the concept of home. Now California is more of a vacation "waiting to happen".I cherish this photo more each time I look at it. I cherish its "Joe-ness" - as we call it around here. I cherish ...

allison & josh I dar museum wedding
April 23, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Red, White, and Blue Skies ... I remember taking a tour of the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum (DAR, for short) several weeks ago, and thinking, "Ohhh, the potential!" The building itself is an absolute must-see with its incredible architecture and breathtaking views of the National Mall. A photographer could spend days there (yes, days). Alas, I had just one day, but Allison, Josh and I made the day count. Oh, and I'd be remiss if I didn't call attention to the "Party Shirt" that Josh revealed once it was time to, well, party. He's in the Air Force, so he was proud to show his true colors! Hope you like some of our favorites, and congrats to Allison & Josh! 

cherry blossom events
April 17, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Some love from Cherry Blossom Events! Just a quick post, everyone, but Cherry Blossom Events just posted a whole bunch of pictures from Nikoletta & Ayan's wedding on their blog. Very cool stuff! And a quick thanks to Alexandra for not only a great post but also being so very easy to work with throughout the process. Big smiles!!! CLICK HERE to view their fabulous post! 

keisha & patrick
April 13, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Lucky Day...   It's inevitable - as the years pass by, either the husband or wife (or both) will for an instant forget the date they were married. It happens! That being said, I don't think Keisha & Patrick will run into this problem down the line, as they were married on St. Patrick's Day. To them, from now on, it may be referred to as just: Patrick's Day. The lucky couple was surrounded by exuberant family and friends at their Manassas wedding - Keisha's sorority not only sang her a song, but proceeded to dance a fully-choreographed number. Congrats to you both! 

nicole & ayan I four seasons wedding
April 01, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

A Tale of Two Ceremonies... One of the great things about photographing weddings is that you get to run into some folks with vastly different backgrounds. How often does one have the opportunity to work with a couple that has chosen to celebrate both their Hindu and Greek traditions? Pretty rad! Hope you enjoy some of our favorites, and congrats to Nikoletta & Ayan! 

lisa & peter I grand atrium wedding
March 07, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Get Cozy...  The plan for the wedding of this winter-loving couple was a typical February day - even a bit of snow was expected - for atmosphere, of course. Perfect chill. What Lisa and Peter actually got was every June bride's dream - an outdoor portrait shoot worthy of tank tops and shirtsleeves. As most of you in the Mid-Atlantic region know, winter weather hasn't exactly transpired this year (we've gotten about an inch of snow this year...really?!). All was not lost, though. As the day progressed, this cool couple enjoyed warmth everywhere - from the light of the church, to the intimacy of the Grand Atrium in Vienna - sipping hot cocoa in spite of the temperate afternoon. Congrats to Lisa & Peter!   

washingtonian - ashley & matt
February 22, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Congrats Ashley & Matt! Washingtonian's Bridal Party Blog recently featured Ashley & Matt's wedding for all to see! So very exciting! Click here to see the full post.  

lisa & peter - sneak peek
February 20, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Lisa & Peter - Sneak Peek!  We just HAD to share a portrait from Lisa & Peter's wedding we photographed last weekend! By using the "Brenizer Method" we combined 22 images to make a fabulous one. Pretty cool, huh? Not too bad for a first attempt! And thanks to this awesome couple for being open to walking through the woods. We have many more pictures to post, so check back soon! 

jenny & sean I george peabody library wedding
February 06, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Books of Love... Built back in 1878, Baltimore's George Peabody Library doesn't seem like a place where much studying or homework gets done. But partying? Definitely. The library contains more than 300,000 titles, nestled among five stories of beautiful ironwork. This gorgeous space was splashed in shades of purple and warm candlight for Jeanne and Sean, who tied the knot on a chilly January evening. Thanks to this seriously fun pair, who added one more love story to Peabody's stacks.

hillary & jarad I sheraton society hill hotel wedding
February 04, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

City of Brotherly Love and Marriage!  We are so very excited to show off our new and improved blog by sharing with you a few pictures from our last wedding of 2011! Hillary & Jarad took one for the team and walked along the streets of Philly in frigid temps to make some nice pictures. Then it was off to a cozy, downtown hotel to party well into the night. And if I write anymore, it will be 2013 before we finally get this up. Thanks to all who have endured our blog and website troubles lately. Here's to a new beginning! 

spreading the love
January 20, 2012
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Spreading the love.  Just a quick post...but check out the United with Love blog post where they featured our pictures from Val & Alex's wedding at Cloisters Castle. Very cool! Click here to see the full post. 

happy new year!
December 30, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! Just as 2011 is coming to a close, our pictures are once again featured on Washingtonian's blog! Megan & Trey's wedding was so special, and I'm so thankful that more folks are now able to see and appreciate their awesomeness. Click here to see the full post. Thanks to everyone who made this year even better than the last, and we can't wait to work with our happy couples in 2012! Happy New Year, everyone! 

ashley & matt I celebrations at the bay wedding
December 08, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

All you need is love!  Meet Ashley & Matt. We felt we knew them well, as their love story unfolded much like mine and Joe’s…Friends in college. Just friends. Best friends, really. Yup. Their love story was recounted in a few touching toasts, including one from the bride’s sister, who, with the help of her husband, unveiled a Matt and Ashley t-shirt – a humorous punctuation to a friendship that ended in marriage. The wedding itself revealed details from the couple’s courtship, including a delicious “I’ve got a crush on you” martini, and an appearance by their pooch – a greyhound named Albus – who helped adorn the wedding cake. Thanks guys for including us in your beautiful day! Ceremony and Reception Venue – Celebrations at the BayDJ – Steve Moody’s Entertainment ConnectionFlowers – My Flower BoxHair & Makeup – Amie Decker BeautyCake – Sugar BakersDress – Mary’s BridalGuitarist – Classical Guitar Ceremonies, Inc.Officiant – Say I Do Your WayCatering – Catering by Uptown 

megan & trey I stevenson ridge wedding
November 01, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

The key to a gorgeous day!  When Megan & Trey told me they were getting married at Stevenson Ridge, I immediately did an online search to check things out. Being a huge Civil War buff/nerd, I quickly noticed that the venue is in Spotsylvania County where there are a number of historical sites to visit. (The venue itself consists of homes dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.) I knew I was in for a treat, and Megan & Trey provided some very cool details to put this wedding over the top. With a rustic ‘Wild West’ theme, the bridal party even slipped on cowboy boots as the evening progressed. The result was an absolutely wonderful day that produced one of my favorite pictures of 2011 (see the picture right up there…). Congrats to Megan & Trey! And scroll down to see the key to a gorgeous day!   Ceremony and Reception Venue – Stevenson RidgeDJ – Hook ProductionsFlowers – AnthomanicMakeup – GoGo GorgeousHair – Dixie’s Hair StudioCake – Simply SweetCaterer – Caroline Street CateringOfficiant – Timothy McConnell 

happy friday
October 28, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Happy Friday! Big news, everyone! It’s been a big week for The Happy Couple, as our work has been featured on two prominent DC-area wedding blogs! We are honored to have our work published on both United with Love and Washingtonian’s Bridal Party blog. United with Love picked up Sasha & Jay's pictures, while Washingtonian chose a number of Laura & Jesse's pictures to showcase. Check out the full posts below. Oh, and of course, an early Happy Halloween to everyone! View United with Love’s blog post for Sasha & Jay by clicking here. View Washingtonian’s blog post for Laura & Jesse by clicking here.

meg & greg I whitehall manor wedding
October 26, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Red & Orange in Bluemont!  We’re now well into the fall season and beautiful colors have started to show themselves. Meg & Greg were married at Whitehall Manor on a beautiful fall afternoon, though the trees really hadn’t started changing yet. No matter, as the couple decided to ensure that the fall foliage would be well represented on that happy day. The Blue Ridge Mountains served as a wonderfully bucolic backdrop against the many details and vibrant floral arrangements. We’re pretty happy with the resulting pictures, too, and hope you agree. Congrats to Meg & Greg! 

alexandra & matt I annmarie gardens wedding
October 03, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Love, love me do!  Alexandra & Matt are big fans of The Beatles. Actually, they’re HUGE fans of The Beatles. It must be a family thing because the father of the bride wore an unmistakeable grey, collarless suit (see below). And guess what was playing in the background when I arrived at AnnMarie Gardens early to unload some of my equipment? You guessed it: Beatles tunes. This couple proved that “All you need is love.” Congrats to you both!     

sonja & kevin I chesapeake bay beach club wedding
September 22, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Sonja, Kevin...and Otto!  After meeting Sonja & Kevin last fall, it only took a few minutes before we were on the subject of Syracuse University. These two bleed orange, just like Katye and I – it was safe to assume their colors would be blue and orange, just like we had at our own wedding. Then, when we talked about their venue, the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club, I knew this day was going to rock. It did, of course – blue and orange everywhere you looked. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Otto, SU’s unmistakable mascot, was on hand to party, too. Popping up everywhere, like the garden gnome from Amelie.  So, without further ado, here are Sonja & Kevin’s pictures. I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed shooting them. Congrats to the happy couple, and go ‘Cuse!    Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Chesapeake Bay Beach Club DJ – Absolute EntertainmentFlowers – Sandi’s Flower ShopMakeup – Makeup MemoriesHair – Lehman LarueDress – Mary’s BridalPaper Goods – Allison Barnhill DesignsCake Pops – Baked by YaelIce Cream – Chesapeake Bay Farms  

amy & tom I sequoia wedding
September 14, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

By Georgetown!  Several years ago good friends of ours were married in Sequoia along the Potomac in Georgetown. It was such a beautiful evening and I remember thinking that I’d love to shoot there some day. Fortunately, Amy & Tom gave me the opportunity and it was awesome, to say the least – A huge party from start to finish. We even got lucky and had some beautiful light to work with beforehand for portraits. Here are a few of our favorites. Enjoy!

sarah & jesse I backyard wedding
September 08, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Something Blue! We’ve seen blue barrettes, blue shoes, blue garters, and even some blue skivvies – but a whole blue dress? What a treat it is to encounter unique wedding ideas, fashion and decor. A blue dress … and gray skies. But the inclement weather isn’t bringing everyone down. Sarah & Jesse were married in Kensington, MD, walking to the ceremony despite the threat of rain. Then it was off to a private residence for an intimate, cozy, baked-goods reception. Mother Nature kindly stepped aside toward the end of the evening, allowing folks to kick off the shoes and and dance…

laura & jesse I hay-adams wedding
August 18, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Hittin' the Hay!  Congrats to Laura and Jesse, who were hitched at Top of the Hay earlier this month – The Hay-Adams that is. This DC landmark named for Henry Adams (a descendant of John Adams and John Quincy Adams) and John Hay, assistant to Abe Lincoln, has the best view of the White House we know of. Toward the end of the night, we joked that we might even be able to see the presidential jammies if we looked hard enough. But back to this Happy Couple … Coordinated by A.Dominick Events, this party had one of the best DJs we have heard. How many times do you hear Green Day and Goldfinger in the same night?!?! I even heard one guest exclaim “Every song is a dance!” Sometimes it’s hard not to drop the cameras and dance at weddings, and this was one of those times. We easily could have joined the bride and groom, who never left the dance floor, dancing and belting out tunes song after song. The bride wore her mother’s veil, and her mother made (!) the groomsmen’s ties and the bridesmaid’s clutches. The groomsmen had some pretty cool cufflinks, too. We could go on, but enough talking…this is a PHOTO blog! Enjoy the pictures!  Ceremony and Reception Venue – The Hay Adams, Top of the HayWedding Coordinator – A. Dominick EventsDJ – MyDeeJayFlowers – Beehive EventsOfficiant – ...

capitol romance
August 15, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

The Happy Couple is on Capitol Romance!  We're so happy to announce that our work has been featured on Capitol Romance! Blog extraordinaire Bree has chosen to focus on Angie & Paul's wedding, so check out her posts whenever you get the chance!  Part OnePart Two 

hoi yee & tyler I baltimore museum of industry wedding
August 01, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Sneak peek: Hoi Yee & Tyler!  Hoi Yee & Tyler were married at the Baltimore Museum of Industry on a beautiful, yet toasty, summer day. Talk about an amazingly unique venue! Excitement was in the air from the beginning of the day to the end, as evidenced by the father of the groom and his nifty dancing moves toward the end of the evening. Here are a few of our favorites…enjoy!

val & alex I cloisters castle wedding
July 18, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Once upon a time...  Several weeks ago, Sasha & Jay brought a bit of Chicago to DC. This time around, Val & Alex brought some of California to the east coast, with details from The Sunshine State in abundance. Oh, and I have to mention: The happy couple were married in a castle. That’s not something you see every day. The Cloisters Castle was built in 1932 and is located north of Baltimore in Lutherville, for those of you who want to check it out. Very cool place! But as awesome as the castle is, this day was about Alex & Val, who were able to to enjoy the day despite the heat (and the potential for some serious storms). From the laugh-inducing ceremony to the off-beat pie cutting, the day was a blast. Congrats to you both! 

kristina & george I kurtz's beach wedding
July 10, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Sneak Peek - Kristina & George! Kristina & George were married along the coast at Kurtz’s Beach up in Pasadena. The couple danced early and often (even down the aisle after the ceremony), and took full advantage of our Photo Booth – love the purple backdrop, by the way. Here are a few of our favorites!

sasha & jay I long view gallery wedding
June 22, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Windy City love blows through DC!  Let’s get something out of the way first: I’m a huge Chicago Bears fan. Just wanted to share that with everyone, in case you were curious. To that end, I remember showing up at Chrysalis Vineyards back in the fall to photograph Sasha & Jay’s engagement session, and Jay just happened to be wearing a Bears T-shit with the instantly-recognizeable “C”. Definitely put a smile on my face. Now, fast forward to the present at DC’s Long View Gallery. Their Chicago roots completely influenced the wedding-day decor, all the way down to the best man’s cufflinks. Throw in a fun crowd, a trip on the Metro, and vibrant orange colors and you can’t go wrong. Congrats to the happy couple, and ‘Bear Down!’

angie & paul I glen echo park wedding
June 10, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Cloudy with a chance of love! Luckily it did not rain on Paul and Angie too much on their wedding day. And we finally got to use our snazzy prop umbrella, purchased last year in the hopes of someday making a cool rain portrait. But this day it was wind that inspired a few portraits with the bride and groom.The best way to describe this wedding would have to be “carnival chic”. And Glen Echo Park in Maryland is the perfect place to capture that retro amusement park vibe – a little slice of the early-1900′s minutes from downtown DC. The bride and groom celebrated with a “first merry-go-round ride” in place of a first dance, and held their reception in an old bumper car pavillion. Our photo booth was a perfect fit, putting a modern twist on a funfair staple.One of our favorites was Angie’s brooch bouquet – which was handmade (!) with the help of a friend. Months of combing antique stores for old colorful brooches came together in a whimsical, albeit heavy, floral arrangement. And I was thrilled to see the bride’s just-short-of-tea-length dress. One of my fave styles. Guests noshed on one of the most DELICIOUS vegetarian menus we have had the pleasure of indulging in. (The benchmark for great food is when Joe contemplates returning to the buffet for seconds, and I need to talk him out of it. )So, thank you Paul ...

amy & jeff I raspberry plain wedding
June 08, 2011
Lindsay & Alex  I  Downtown Philadelphia wedding

Sundrenched!  I couldn’t think of a better way to describe an afternoon spent at Raspberry Plain, an 18th century mansion located just north of Leesburg, VA. It was one of those late-Spring days where everything turns all yellow and glowy. Photographic yumminess. And Amy and Jeff put on great party, from their lawn-and-garden cocktail hour to a lively reception in the mansion. Thanks to the bride and groom, for a great day drenched in light and love.