katherine & neil I comus inn wedding
March 09, 2014
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Inn Season Katye & I have been incredibly fortunate when working at the quaint Comus Inn. It seems as though every time we're invited to document a couple's wedding day at this venue we get front row seats to some of the most glorious sunsets you'll see. Such was the case at Katherine & Neil's wedding, where we couldn't take enough photos as the sun set behind the Sugarloaf Mountains. It was ALMOST enough to upstage one's wedding day. Almost. This couple enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather as they celebrated under the tent with friends and family. Congrats to Katherine & Neil! 

liz & josh I doukenie winery wedding
March 09, 2014
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Spicy sweet Who here is ready for spring? This guy certainly is. Given how amazingly cold it has been this winter, I think the timing is perfect to show off Liz & Josh's vibrant fall wedding. Their wedding was a two-day affair, celebrating the different heritages of the bride and groom. The first night was the Sagan and Chunni ceremony followed by day two - a traditional Jewish ceremony under the Chuppah at Doukenie Winery. The bride and groom led a parade of guests in one of the most lively processionals we've witnessed! Everything about this wedding was bold - the striking colors, traditional music, and super spicy food. Thanks to Ryan Michael Hayes of Blue Canary Special Events, the elements were brought together seamlessly. Congrats again to Liz & Josh! 

ansley & rocky I decatur house wedding
February 10, 2014
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Love with a "Capitol" L If there is a couple out there with more love for this city, we have yet to meet them. Ansley & Rocky were all stocked up on DC pride, and it was brought to life at their Decatur House wedding, just a stone's throw from The White House. The venue was perfect with its rich history and elegant styling. Out on Lafayette Square, we garnered quite a bit of attention from passersby - and we're even photo-bombed by a member of a different wedding party (see photo about half way down - how could we not include something like that?). Ansley and Rocky even reminded us of ourselves a little - Rocky was a good bit taller than his bride-to-be, while I'm exactly one foot taller than Katye. Not completely though - see, Rocky can dance, and as Katye can attest, I'm not a competent dancer. This was our first time working with the talented Emily of Karson Butler Events who made sure every detail was perfection. Congrats Rocky and Ansley!

shannon & jae I woodend sanctuary wedding
January 17, 2014
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

A FascinatorI love going to weddings and seeing something my wife loves. I occasionally chuckle to myself when I think, "I know Katye, and she would LOVE this. This is so her." At least that's what I'd like to think. Such was the case with Shannon & Jae's wedding, where the bride's tea-length dress, and inspired decor was something I knew Katye would dig. So when Katye came up to me on the wedding day and said, "I love that dress", I thought, "That's right ... Joe knows." But anyway, enough about us. Shannon & Jae were married on a gorgeous autumn afternoon at Woodend Sanctuary, a fave venue of ours. The pair participated in a Native American Water Blessing recognizing Jae's heritage, which punctuated the quiet, natural setting. The decor was so unique and personal - but also AMAZING - it kept us wondering of this DIY bride: "Whoa - she did THAT too!?" Congrats to the bride and groom - thanks for a wonderful day!

gio & josh I willowwood arboretum wedding
December 30, 2013
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Jersey Girl (and Boy)Gotta love getting outta Dodge. Gio & Josh helped us do just that, inviting us to document their wedding day up in New Jersey this Fall. Before the trip, Jersey only reminded me of I-95, or getting lost in Philly. But we were anything but lost in Jersey for this wedding which proved New Jersey IS the Garden State. The couple chose a venue that was just as charming as they were - the Willowwood Arboretum in Chester Township, which Katye likened to "a secret garden". Tucked away from city bustle, guests enjoyed the most enourmous, delicious, incredible spread of food we have encountered at a wedding. Anywhere, really. And we were more than grateful to wake up to "Wedding Pie" for breakfast the next morning. So instead of trying to describe this super-nice couple and their day, which was warm in every way - here are a few HC faves ... Congrats Gio and Josh!

erin & matt I annapolis marriott waterfront wedding
December 17, 2013
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Sky blue shoesWhen Katye and I were married, she wore red shoes. I thought she was pretty wild and crazy. I've come to find out that white wedding shoes are actually pretty hard to come by now. Erin's were the most unique shade of light blue - and, as is the case with most bridal shoes, unlike any I have seen before. So as we move through December with all of this crazy weather - snow, sun, rain, clouds, repeat - it's refreshing to look back on Erin and Matt's outdoor wedding on the water in Annapolis. Katye & I were fortunate enough to work with this couple on a warm summer day, where indelible moments were in abundance both indoors and out. We also met up with HC alums Emmy & Fitz - '10. Hope you enjoys some of our favorites, and congrats to Erin & Matt!

margot & ben I national museum of women in the arts wedding
November 25, 2013
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

DC ComicsLook at this crew. Ben and Margot's ranks among the largest bridal parties we have met...and spirited, to boot! How often do you see 'Superman' socks? The fun and whimsy of these folks was juxtaposed beautifully with the elegance and beauty of the Hotel Monaco and National Museum of Women in the Arts. Congrats Margot & Ben!

Class of 2014 - Rachel!
October 15, 2013
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Last call for summer ... Well, days are getting shorter, and the sun is getting lower. And though it's getting cooler, the warm light of the Fall sun is just one of the perks of the season. We had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful family back in 2010 during Shelly & Rob's wintry holiday wedding. Fast forward three years and Shelly's sister, Rachel, is about to graduate from high school. We love the feel of charming Clifton, Va., so we met up for a little reunion with this good-looking group, and some senior portraits.  Rachel kind of made this shoot a breeze - I don't think I shot one bad photo of her. Here's to a great senior year :) 

elizabeth & mike I st. francis hall wedding
October 03, 2013
jackie & cliff  I  sequoia wedding

Kindred Spirits OK, so much to talk about! Katye & I have lived in the DC area for almost nine years, and we still find that there are so many areas left to explore. We regularly drive along and pass something of interest, thinking, "How did we not know about this?!?!" Such is the case with Elizabeth & Mike's beautiful venue in Northeast DC, St. Francis Hall. The Hall, adjacent to the Franciscan Monastery, is in such a peaceful and serene location that you'd find it hard to believe you're in our nation's bustling capitol. Katye was thrilled when I told her that Elizabeth & Mike were fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts. We don't encounter too many clients that have the same affinity for Yeti culture - and maybe that's a good thing - but there's nothing like a Bigfoot fascination to break the ice. And if that wasn't enough, the couple also treated guests to groom's cake featuring none other than the Chicago BEARS. The Bears! In DC! I knew I liked this couple. We also got to see some HC alums - Lisa and Peter (Winter 2012). This town is getting smaller! Thanks Elizabeth and Mike for having us - and congrats!