about us

Thanks for visiting! That's us over there, Joe & Katye Brier. 

No two photographers are alike, and we are no exception - complementing each other with different styles and ideas. Our process is collaborative, from editing photos to blogging about our adventures with you. (We even like to share a piece of wedding cake at your party ... if that's OK.)

We have each been part of the photojournalism community since 2000 - Joe starting out in Pennsylvania, Katye in California. Photography brought us together in 2003 at Syracuse University, where we earned graduate degrees in photojournalism from the S.I. Newhouse School. Covering news assignments from small-town cultural festivals, to Capitol Hill hearings, we have fallen in love with storytelling. There is a story everywhere. We began photographing weddings together in 2007, and had our own wedding in 2008!

Katye is currently a photo editor and photographer with the Pew Charitable Trusts, and Joe spends most of his time focusing on The Happy Couple, shooting editorial and corporate assignments as well.

Again - thanks for visiting, we hope to hear from you soon!