Ali & Mel I Bolton Valley Vermont wedding
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October 25, 2017
By The Happy Couple Photography
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Warm Welcome

As many of you know, we relocated our home base to New England last year. (We still love you, D.C. - and we wouldn't even THINK of charging you a travel fee!) Anyhow, after such a big life change, our first New England wedding together as residents was really important to us. We'd remember it forever, so it HAD to be good. We needed nice (but not boring) weather. A friendly couple. With friendly families. And friendly friends. Not to mention an AMAZING venue with a super-welcoming staff. As it happened, photo karma smiled on us when we met Ali and Mel. We spent lots of time wondering about our decision to flip life upside down this year. And on this day, the universe gave us a big hug, and welcomed us to New England. I can't explain it any better. Between The gorgeous Ponds at Bolton Valley, and this sweet couple, this wedding will have a special place in HC history.



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