Russia 2016
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April 11, 2016
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Москва й Саинт Петерсбург  


Here is something a little different for our HC audience today - a peek at our recent trip to Russia - because why WOULDN'T you travel to Russia in the Winter? To be fair though, we were there for the first day of Spring. To be unfair, the temperature hung in the 20's for most of our trip. But we walked to keep warm, had some of the best food of our lives, and got to see family - Enjoy!

Moscow Metro

My sister, Julie, in Red Square.

Not-my-sister in Red Square.

Fellow tourists

Ballet night at The Kremlin. Swan Lake.

More metro ... Julie on the escalator.

Ismaylovo Market outside Moscow.

Hot eats on a cold day

We had the greatest time photographing the people. I love looking at new places and the faces who live there.  We are both introverts, but managed to strike up a few conversations too...

Flower market. Julie had to create table centerpieces for a US Embassy visit from The Secretary. Schamcy stuff.

You are now entering St. Petersburg!

There I am at what may be our favorite St. Pete restaurant - Gosti (meaning "guests")

Scenes from The Hermitage Museum and The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood.

Eugene ("Genia"). Artist.

St. Pete streets

Selfies at St Isaac's Cathedral! One of our favorite stops. The catherdral gave us a 360-view of the city.

Housework! You need a pretty long cord to vacuum The Hermitage.

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John Rice - Wow, what a great holiday. I can see why you would want to go to Russia in winter. What a mixture of the greys and then bursts of colour. Beautiful. Makes me want to make the trip to be honest.
Beth kirkham' - These are best photos I've seen! I'm sorry I didn't meet you. I'm Julie's neighbor.
Angie Drake - Love the combination of touristy and everyday life. Your photos reveal that you are travelers at heart, people willing to see the beyond what the travel section of the newspapers tell us we must not miss.
Liz - Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!
Eva - So gorgeous!! I feel like I'm there, like I can feel those rays of sunlight and that cold air. Awesome!
Julie Kalbfleisch - I am smiling ear to ear looking at these! What a treat to have such wonderful photos to remember our time in Russia. Thank you!