That's us up there, Joe & Katye. We have history, we have cameras, we have a height difference. We met at Syracuse University in 2003 pursuing graduate degrees in Photojournalism. It was photo love, people. We started The Happy Couple in 2007, and got hitched in 2008.


Two heads are better than one. Four eyes are better than two. If one of us is shooting wide, the other shoots tight. If one of us is shooting a processional, the other is back in the wings with the bride, capturing the last special moments before go-time.


With two photographers, there is enough coverage for us both to be taking some creative risks without missing moments.


With the exception of portraiture, we don't pose our images. Your wedding is going to be awesome all on its own without two photographers directing. We strive to capture the moments you never saw happen, and the moments where you were having so much fun, you forgot you hired photographers.


The nicest thing our couples say to us is, "We didn't even know you were there."


We each hold Masters of Science degrees in Photography. Combined, we have more than three decades of experience as photojournalists, shooting and picture editing for newspapers and non-profits small and large.


We spend the majority of our days parenting, photo-ing, editing, and spending time with family in New England, D.C. and Los Angeles. We are constantly fixing something in our new (very old) house in New England, and chasing down our two small humans, ages 4 and 6. (Photo by Eva Russo/Photoladylove)